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Singing Bowls Make a Beautiful Gift

Singing Bowls

Instant Karma Asheville, we believe singing bowls make a beautiful gift. We offer a wide variety of singing bowl sets and they are among our most popular items.  These beautiful, handcrafted bowls make a great gift for any occasion.

Singing bowls are meditation tools that come from Tibetan tradition.  When the rim of the bowl is rubbed by the wooden mallet it helps place the brain in a meditative state.  The bowls produce sounds on the same alpha wavelength found in the brainwaves induced by meditation.

Singing bowls aren’t just for meditation either.  They provide sound therapy and are used as part of holistic treatments to calm the nervous system, refresh the mind, and soothe the soul.  Sound therapy has been gaining popularity in recent years as a stress-relief technique.

Playing for just a few minutes is enough to relieve tension and promote feelings of peace and serenity.  Even those who don’t practice meditation will find these bowls and the sounds they produce delightful for relaxation purposes.

Among our favorites are the embossed singing bowl sets that come in an antiqued looking finish.  The interior and exterior are both embossed with Tibetan symbols like the Buddha and OM.  The bowls make a crystal clear, pure sound when played and are beautiful to look at.  Many of these bowls are works of art that you will be pleased to display on your altar or in your home.

Some of the embossed bowl sets are infused with a touch of vibrant color.  Blue, green or sienna finishes make the designs even more striking.

If you are looking for a punch of vibrant color, our chakra singing bowls are an excellent choice.

This exclusive line of singing bowls incorporates the color and symbols of each chakra into the design. Each bowl comes with a multi-colored cushion ring and custom box.  These sets are lively and beautiful and will add a punch of color and visual interest to any sacred space.

Simpler designs are also available. We offer simple and elegant highly polished brass bowls with wood strikers included.  It is a classic design fit for any space. Our bowls come in different shapes and sizes, from those with straighter, flatter sides to very rounded.  No matter your preference, you can find singing bowls to meet your needs.

The New Age Source also offers cushions to help control vibrations when playing your singing bowl on a hard surface.  Each cushion is made of foam and covered in a variety of fabrics and finished with matching piping.  There are several varieties of cushions to choose from thin, thick and ring styles are all available.