How to Be Your Own Shaman

How to be Your Own Shaman

In this article, we’ll discuss how to be your own shaman. Have you ever heard the phone ring and known who it was before answering? Perhaps you’ve felt inexplicably sad or upset right before hearing bad news.  Do you ever see someone and instantly pick up on their health or mental state? If so, you have witnessed first hand the intuitive connection we all have to one another.  This energy is something that we can all tap into and it is the same energy that Shaman’s can read, understand and influence to bring healing and wisdom to themselves and others.

All matter is comprised of energy. As living, spiritual beings we are joined with all life and are living expressions of creation itself.  Learning to be one’s own shaman is a process of connecting to this source. As you learn to open up to these energies you can begin learning how to heal yourself and help others on their own journey.

It is very possible to become our own spiritual healer with time and dedication.  You can learn to feel the electromagnetic energy fields around your body and pick up on anomalies that can point to illness. You can still the mind and tap into higher awareness to guide your choices.

A great way to practice healing in your own life is to take up a practice that involves the

mind-body connection.  Meditation, Reiki, yoga and even several martial arts practices all teach their students how to recognize and work with the universal life source energy.  This energy is known by many names – chi, prana, universal mind, Spirit, but it is all different ways of expressing the same thing.

Over time, you may find yourself drawn to more than one practice.  Many who do Reiki and other energy healing work also practice meditation regularly, as do many Yoga students. There are many options available.

In societies throughout the world, Shamans are revered and sought out for their wisdom and higher levels of understanding.  They attain this through dedication to spiritual practices that open them up to receive the blessings of Spirit. While not everyone is able to dedicate their full lives to spirit like a Shaman, anyone can learn to be more aware and motivated by their higher power.

Shaman’s live with power and purpose.  Often it is when we feel lost or disconnected from our dreams that we seek out spirit in the first place.  This is no accident.  A purposeful life leads to an awakened spirit and vice versa.

It’s important to always have dreams and goals and equally important is taking positive, constructive actions to pursue them.  You are an expression of the creator and it is in your nature to want to create, achieve, dream and experience the best life has to offer.  When you do, you awaken the inner shaman and that wisdom will guide you to your ultimate fulfillment.