The Key to a Better You!

We often forget how intertwined our physical and mental health are.  True personal fulfillment requires all-around wellness, a careful balance of mental, physical and spiritual health.  The flawless synergy of mind, body, and soul is something many want to achieve, but don’t know how.

It’s become second nature to reach for the nearest prescription   when any form of illness strikes.  This thinking has bread a culture that inherently seeks out temporary fixes for instances of illness instead of focusing on long term tactics to promote overall wellness.  Instead of filling yourself with toxic medicines, new age experts advocate for the use of natural methods.  Man-made medicines while curing one ailment have the potential for extreme side effects.  In addition to their alarming health risks, prescription drugs can cause mental dependency which may lead to substance abuse.  These drugs also completely neglect spiritual health.

With new age tactics you can easily enhance your quality of life.  This goes beyond physical health and delves into the importance of mental and spiritual balance.  To be completely happy all of these must be in place.  Here are a few new age methods to kick start your path to fulfillment.  Try these and let us know what you think!

  • Meditation.  Meditation serves as an outlet from the stresses of daily life.  Modify your “meditation” time to fit your needs.  Maybe you prefer to read a book while you reflect on life, or write, or cook.  Do whatever suits you best and always remember to set aside a few minutes daily for YOU!  New age stores carry many metaphysical supplies to help with meditation.
  • Participate in physical activity.  Contrary to popular belief you do not have to sweat it out for 3 hours in the gym to be healthy.  A simple 30 minute walk daily will suffice. Consistency is key.
  • Change your diet. It’s not just about losing weight, eating a lot of processed foods, think chips, cookies, and fast food, can make you feel sluggish and greatly deteriorate your quality of life. Try working raw food snacks into your diet.  Swap out your usual processed chips for kale chips, candy for fresh fruit, and baked goods for high protein nuts and remember losing weight is not the primary objective.
  • Be social. Spend time with loved ones.  Sometimes all you need is a few good laughs to uplift your mood.
  • Go outdoors.  In addition to upping your physical activity, be sure to spend time outdoors.  Too often we are cooped up in offices or homes staring at our computer screens.  Take in the fresh air, you’ll feel rejuvenated.